Course: Use drone to capture data that can be turned into maps and 3D models

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Trevor Duke and Lewis Butler are owners of Icarus Aerials, a professional droning service based in Michigan presents the process of preparing for, flying and processing survey and modeling missions with your UAV. You might just be amazed at the capabilities of your Phantom, Inspire, Solo, X8, Iris, or other UAV.

Who is this training course for?

  • UAV pilots and businesses who want to expand their product offerings to more than just photography and videography.
  • Surveyors who want to be early adopters and integrate UAVs with their existing survey methods.
  • Existing experts in mapping and modeling who can benefit from using UAVs to capture data in a cost effective way.
  • Individuals and businesses who can benefit from receiving up-to-date actionable information at a relatively low cost.
  • Marketing and sales departments who can benefit from showing sites and buildings in a cutting edge way to prospective clients during pitches.


This online course will teach you:

  • About the concepts behind mapping and modeling using your UAV.
  • Helpful tips, tricks, and considerations to consider while mapping on job sites.
  • Different software options used to automate flights for DJI and 3DR systems.
  • How to turn the data captured by your UAV into maps and 3D models.
  • How to capture data and process it for a wide variety of industries like construction or agriculture.


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